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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kinds of ceremonies do you perform?

I perform weddings, vow renewals and anniversaries, as well as many other events (click on All Occasions).

There are three basic kinds of weddings: civil, cultural and spiritual.  A civil ceremony takes just a few minutes.  It does little more than legalize your union.  Short and simple as it may be, your civil ceremony can have a flavor that makes it your own.  There are no cookie-cutter weddings.

A cultural wedding may include ethnic traditions, historic reenactments, science fiction or pop culture.  You can dress up as your favorite character, or we can all ride in on Harleys wearing leather. I’ve even escorted a couple’s dog down the aisle.

​A spiritual wedding can reflect your own beliefs or those of your families.  Or you may include spiritual traditions from religions other than your own.  For more ideas, click on Creating a Memorable Ceremony.


Q: What is legally required as part of our wedding?

When it comes to the wording of the ceremony, the State of California requires only that you express your willingness to wed in front of one or  more witnesses.  Beyond stating your name and saying,
​"I do," the language for the event is your own.  I will work with you to develop just the right wording for your ceremony.


Q: What does Rev Donna wear when performing a ceremony?

I wear a suit, a dress or a minister's robe, whichever you prefer.


Q: How long is a typical wedding?

Most wedding ceremonies last 15 to 20 minutes.  Civil ceremonies are much shorter.  A wedding with a lot of cultural or spiritual elements may last longer.  Guests (especially children) start to get restless after sitting for about 20 minutes.


Q: How far in advance should we book you to perform our ceremony?

You can hire me as your officiant at any time.  The earlier the better to avoid scheduling conflicts.  An early start also allows us to carefully plan and write your ceremony.  In some cases, where cultural or spiritual elements are included, you may want to order related items.


Q: Do you only work in Northern California?

Although I am based here, I am happy to travel to the destination of your choice. I am registered as an officiant for the five boroughs of New York, New York, and I can officiate in just about any state in the U.S.


Q: What is your fee and what is included?

Please see my fee information

I’ll work with your wedding planner. If you want extra help with coaching or planning your event, we can arrange it.


Q: Do you officiate same-sex ceremonies?

Yes. Love is love.

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