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“Way to fill a room!” That was one minister’s comment on the morning Donna Apidone spoke to her congregation.


Your audience will appreciate thought-provoking talks that touch on current events, encourage Empathy and inspire Purpose.


Donna’s topics have included:

“Use the News You Choose”

“Stand Up! Speak Up! Grow Up!”

“And So This is Christmas (honoring the lessons of John Lennon on the anniversary of his death)”

“The Purpose of Health”


Since 2011, Donna has been the emcee and storyteller at Good Friday and Christmas events at the oldest continually operating church West of the Mississippi.


Small and large congregations dramatically increase their attendance to hear Donna’s presentations. Her background in interfaith practices leads to comfort with any denomination. She is even a popular presenter with atheist and philosophy groups.

Community Events

Donna Apidone is frequently on stage as an emcee or presenter. She has even performed with regional orchestras for Fourth of July concerts with crowds as large as two thousand. She also appeared in the role of composer Clara Schumann in a series of concerts with a classical quartet.


With an original script, or using the words of authors and poets, Donna’s presence is warm and inviting.


Donna Apidone has hosted CapRadio Reads since 2011. The podcast features conversations about Purpose with writers and the occasional rock star.


Donna deftly handles complex content with authors while working the room to the delight of those in the live studio audience.


Samples from broadcasts and podcasts are available

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